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Meet Joei


 I am a Hawaiian fusion style private cook, who found my passion for fresh locally sourced food at a young age growing up in Maui. I have spent over a decade living and working on heirloom/organic farms both in Hawaii and Oklahoma, where I also raised, sourced, and butchered our own proteins.

I am still learning in the culinary industry, so let's share and learn together! It is my goal to help you bring homegrown and locally sourced ingredients to your table at a price that rivals any other source. Anyone can grow a gorgeous offering from their backyard or even patio, so let's get started!

Recipes & Tips 


Here we will bring you weekly recipes from my Hawaiian Fusion collection, with an emphasis on seasonal and local cooking.

I offer a variety of local and online services to fit your health and dietary needs. visit our services page for more info.